GBS provides wireless communication services allowing to interconnect a series of sites so as to create a local intranet. This solution enables you to create your own company’s private network allowing the various sites of your company to exchange telephone calls, e-mails and data, and to perform site CCTV monitoring, etc.

With the MPLS protocol, we ensure the bandwidth and an end-to-end quality of service between the various sites that are part of a virtual private network transiting via the Internet. MPLS is available everywhere via GBS POPs in the DRC, Congo, Europe and the Middle East.

Prices depend mainly on the number of sites and the distance between such sites (Intra-city, inter-city, international). The availability rate depends on the media (WLL, FH, VSAT, FO) on which the MPLS VPN is based

GBS manages your equipment in a private network. Thus, we assure you of the proper management of your bandwidth.

GBS provides its customers with fully private MPLS networks on its infrastructures and on the basis of interconnections with MPLS partners.